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Florida Ski Adventures 2011 Vail Ski Rentals

We have arranged for discounted group ski equipment rentals from Charter Sports. They are located directly inside the Vail Cascade resort.

Their instructions (our notes are in red):

  1. Search for and go to the www.chartersports.com site.
  2. Click on Group Reservations, middle of top menu bar.
  3. Identify and click on the group name (Florida Ski Adventures), then click on Submit.
  4. Indicate # of renters, select a shop location (Vail Cascade Resort), enter time and date to pick-up equipment. (For the folks flying with us from Tampa, our flight arrives in Vail at 4:20pm on Jan 29.)
  5. Click on Proceed to Reservation Form.
  6. Complete contact information, first and last ski day, renter information, card number, and special requests (if any) fields.
  7. Click on Submit Reservation.
  8. Print confirmation.
  9. E-mail confirmation with directions to the hotel location will be automatically generated to the submitted e-mail address.
  10. Upon your arrival here in Vail, your reservation, requested gear, and a preprinted rental form will be waiting for you.

The actual discount group rates were sent out to trip participants via email. If you did not receive that email, please email CK (ck@flskiadv.com) or Mohit (mohit@flskiadv.com) and we'll send it to you again.