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Florida Ski Adventures Mogul Tips

Some tips on skiing moguls.
These are also surprisingly helpful even when not on the bumps.

Body Position
  • Mostly upright (i.e. don't crouch down).
  • Stay out of back seat (also helps for leaning forward)
  • Lean forward; feel pressure from boot on shin on downhill leg.
  • Most/all weight on downhill ski.
  • Keep skis together (and parallel).
  • Shouldn't have to pick up skis to keep them together.
  • No jump turns.
Hands / poles
  • Hands should always be facing downhill (fall-line).
  • Pole plants with arms extended out front (i.e. elbows should NOT be tight next to torso).
  • Don't lean too much on pole plants, just a quick stroke as you ski past it.
  • Upper body should stay quiet.
  • Actively lift legs on bumps and push them down at troughs.
  • Lift from ankles, knees, and hip flexors.
  • Look as far down the mountain as possible (down the fall-line).
  • Don't need to see what's immediately in front of you (or only out of peripheral vision).