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Florida Ski Adventures 2013 Big Sky Ski Rentals
Florida Ski Adventures discounted ski rentals are set up.
We have arranged to get a 30% discount from Black Tie Ski Rentals.
Important: When scheduling your appointment time, allow at least 2 hours from the time we land. The Tampa group is currently scheduled to arrive in Bozeman at 12:17 PM. So, if you are arriving with the main Tampa group or riding with the Tampa group from the airport, schedule your appointment for no sooner than 3:00 PM.
To reserve your skis at the discounted rate, follow this link (will open in a new window):
(Prices are per day.)
Package Regular Big Sky Rate FSA rate at 30% off w/ Tax
Premium $55.00 $38.50 $39.66
Full package with skis and boots, with brand new skis this season.
Premium Ski & Poles Only $51.00 $35.70 $36.77
Skis ONLY if you have your own boots.
Premium Ski and Boot  $64.00 $44.80 $46.14
Full Premium package with our performance boot UPGRADE
Performance $47.00 $32.90 $33.89
Full Package with skis and boots, with ONE to TWO year old skis
Performance Ski & Poles Only $43.00 $30.10 $31.00
Ski ONLY if you have your own boots.
Performance Ski and Boot $56.00 $39.20  $40.38
Full Performance Package with our Performance Boot UPGRADE.
Junior Premium $38.00 $26.60 $27.40
Best ski package for 12 and under ONLY. TWIN TIP SKIS!
Junior Performance $31.00 $21.70 $22.35
Performance Board $47.00 $32.90 $33.89
BEST Snowboard package!
Development Board $38.00 $26.60 $27.40
Beginner Snowboard package.
Junior Board $31.00 $21.70 $22.35
Best Snowboard package for 12 and under ONLY.
Premium Boot Upgrade $9.00 N/A N/A
Helmet $9 day / $45 week $9.00 N/A N/A
Damage Waiver* $3.00 N/A N/A
* Damage Waiver covers any accidental damage to skis, and does not cover loss or theft.